New Year’s Resolutions and Promises – Take Action!


With the new year quickly approaching, resolutions are being set, diets are being revamped, notes are being made on how one can do better THIS year, and everyone is looking forward to a better year full of  blessings, memories, and resolutions. 
Resolution is defined as: 
1. a firm decision to do or not to do something: she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more | a New Year’s resolution.• the quality of being determined or resolute: he handled the last French actions of the war with resolution.
2. the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter: the peaceful resolution of all disputes | a successful resolution to the problem.Do you plan on making a decision to do something, to take action and solve a problem? Are you determined to keep that pledge?

Starting 2014 with the attitude to be a healthier, more fit YOU is a great way to start. Being healthy and fit does not necessarily mean simply changing your diet or just hitting the gym. Healthy starts with YOU.

If you have been overwhelmed with stress, it’s time to slow down and take some time to relax and take a second look at what the cause of that stress is. If you have been thinking about being more active and/or putting more time in at the gym, stop thinking and do! If you wanted to try something different, don’t let fear hold you back and try it! 
Having a healthy/fit mind and body go hand-in-hand. 
This article from Psychology Today discusses making and keeping resolutions. There are some great tips to maintain that New Years’s Resolution. has another take on the New Year’s Resolution. Instead of making a resolution, make a promise.
I like this take on resolutions. Most people make that resolution and stick with it for a good week or two but by the the sixth month, they have forgotten about their resolution. See the stats here –>> is promise to one better humanity but i think in order to do be able to do that, it starts with YOU.Make that promise to yourself that YOU will get healthy/fit, that you will not let the stress take over you, that you will exercise more. 
Here is a great way to keep yourself accountable of your promise to yourself and others. You can print out your own cards here or order them via the website. 
photo from
** Sharing your promise/commitment/resolution within your social network is great if you can handle the criticism of those waiting for you to fail. However, sharing with someone(s) you respect and trust to keep you accountable is definitely a good thing. 
So, it’s time… time take that step, make an decision, a promise, a resolution to take action, and don’t be afraid to start today!
With that being said, what resolutions/promises are you making for 2014?!




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